Hear the poet recite three poems from his anthology Dedications
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To Man
To the Sea
To Sense
To Life

To ManHEAR THE POET RECITE 14.4 K Real Audio

Don't call me names,
Don't put a stamp on me:
I'm not the remnant of
The wish of fools.

The theft of glories of the past
Is not my line.
My dream is just a thought
That guides my steps
To all that's clear and pure:
To serve and help.

Don't let the world annoy your course
To what is right and just.
Stand up to the winds of force
And be a man of righteousness.
Be lord of hosts of those
Who never yield to mean desires.
Be patient in the battlefield
Let evil face your strength with dread

To the Sea SLIDE SHOW AND VOICE 28.8 K Windows Media Player

Surging, surging, surging
With surf on every crest
Whispering or roaring loud
You fight the summer heat.

And when you break on pebbles and sand
With swishing or rattling sound
You soothe my soul my spirit and mind
And imbibe me with love for mankind.

Moving, moving, moving
Through space, through air and minds
Carrying the thoughts of human beings
You fill my heart with yearning.

Within your strength, within your breath
Lies all the grandeur of your birth
The inspiration of your praise
Is more than men can raise.

Serene you rise to skies above
And bless the earth with loving rain
Make all the earth a paradise
Where all can live in what is wise


Once upon a time
When restless minds blew off,
The canons roared
And people died
On fields of blood and straw.

Once upon a time
When horses ran to serve their knights,
The swords and armours clashed
And people died
On fields of flowers and trees.

Once upon a time
When people lived in caves,
The animals howled
And people and animals died
In trying to survive.

And now our time has come;
And which is our time
When people kill their fellow men
For nothing worth a dime?


I never dreamed, I never thought
That you would be so short
I moved along and let you pass
As I was left alone. Alas!

You took away my early days
And left me in the dark.
"Catch up, you're late," the mirror says;
"You're left behind, in Ages' Park."

My legs are torn, my spirit gone
My sight is that of wishful dreams;
My soul and mem'ry take me back
To your important seams undone
To happy joyful little games
That now are resting on the rack.

From Dedications, Published by Panomedia 1997
Price 4.99 - ISBN 190122600X

Book cover picture

by Andreas Elias Georghiades

To many readers, Cyprus conjures up images of holidays or of political strife rather than of poets and poetry. Yet Cyprus is one of a handful of places claiming to have mothered Homer, the first great poet of Western civilisation, and its poetic tradition has been unbroken since those days of Ancient Greece.

Andreas Elias Georghiades was born in 1931, has lived all his life in Cyprus, and is one of very few Cypriot poets to have published in English. This collection of poems, written in two phases, in the 1950s and the 1990s, speak of his feelings as he is burned by the sun and worn by the salt of the Mediterranean, but also freshened by the breath of life.

Published by Panomedia 1997
Price 4.99 - ISBN 190122600X