Real Media Video

The video clips available here have been adapted for the Internet from clips used on the EBMS CD-ROM Prospectus, authored by Panomedia. These samples are half, (or less), the screen-size of the originals and their quality is not representative of the videos on the EBMS CD-ROM.

To play them you need the Real Player, installed on your computer. Other players may also be able to play them. If you cannot play the videos, you can download the player (for free) from - it takes about 5 minutes to download.


Video over the Internet is still in its infancy. Its quality (via a modem) is similar to that of a videophone and it certainly does not aesthetically compare to broadcast TV, DVD or even to what is available from a CD-ROM. The reason is that Internet Video needs to be heavily compressed to make its delivery via a normal telephone line possible. To put things into perspective, the video clips you will see here have been squeezed 7,200 times than the normal TV picture signal. But still, they manage to make some sense! For many applications, even this primitive form of video, can be useful.

Short Tour of the Campus


Student view on Accommodation


Sports - Rugby match


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