Sound Digitisation and Processing

We digitize sound from a variety of professional and domestic formats, and edit it for use in multimedia projects, add music to voiceovers, synchronise to video and even "clean" up dirty old recordings from noise, scratches or other unwanted interference. We can compress and deliver sound using any of over 30 available compression formats for use on Compact Disc, Enhanced CD, CD-ROM, or for delivery over the Internet - even over a slow 14.4 K modem.

Image Digitisation and Conversion

We digitize still images from a variety of sources, edit them, convert them, re-touch them or create graphics from them. We and optimise their colour content for delivery on low spec computers and over the Internet. Experience 256 colour images that look like true (16.7 million) colour photorealistic images at a fraction of the file size. Our 256 colour images do not possess that grainy desaturated effect usually associated with low colour images.

Image Optimisation

If your web pages take a long time to download and your customers get bored and leave your Web-Site before they have seen your pretty pictures, send us your graphics and we will optimize them for faster download time.

Example of a Sound Digitisation Project

Nissan Autohall training CD-ROM

This project, commisioned by the EU, consisted of the the development of a language training CD-ROM for the Nissan car factory in Athens, Greece. Its purpose was to allow Greek engineers to be able to read Nissan technical manuals and to allow them to converse with other English speaking Nissan engineers. We were commisioned by the Centre for Applied Language Studies (Swansea), the project designers, to digitise the 5,000 word sound dictionary.