Multimedia and the arts are closely interweaved. This should not appear strange since multimedia, like many of the arts, is heavily based on the audio-visual.

It is unfortunate that due to contemporary socio-economic structures many works of art never reach the public. Only those works that are commercially successful find their way through the established mass distribution channels. This limits what is considered as "successful art" to that which satisfies the lowest common denominator, (i.e., the one that sells - because big business takes no risks).

This is an unfortunate reality since most productions need money. But Art is the expression of feelings and has little to do with its commercial value. In fact, some of its appeal and beauty may come from high sophistication, intellectualism or simply the strength of very personal feelings - things which do not, by their very nature, appeal to the masses, and would therefore not be demanded by them. It is often said that most of the great creators were geniuses (a minority), and many died virtually unknown in their time!