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Read some examples and hear the poet recite

by Andreas Elias Georghiades

To many readers, Cyprus conjures up images of holidays or of political strife rather than of poets and poetry. Yet Cyprus is one of a handful of places claiming to have mothered Homer, the first great poet of Western civilisation, and its poetic tradition has been unbroken since those days of Ancient Greece.

Andreas Elias Georghiades was born in 1931, has lived all his life in Cyprus, and is one of very few Cypriot poets to have published in English. This collection of poems, written in two phases, in the 1950s and the 1990s, speak of his feelings as he is burned by the sun and worn by the salt of the Mediterranean, but also freshened by the breath of life.

Published by Panomedia 1997
Price 4.99 - ISBN 190122600X